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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Holistic Awareness: Monastic Retreat

Western nuns and monks from the Thai Buddhist monastic tradition teach each year at the Retreat Center. The 2011 course will focus on Holistic Awareness – accessing an awareness that supports and balances the body, heart and mind.
2011-04-29 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2011-05-03 Merging In The Deathless 1:10:22
  Ajahn Sucitto
The Buddha teaches the way to the deathless; this way is not through one thing, but through a balance, a mandala of spiritual factors.
2011-05-04 Changing Mind From Being "The Mind" 51:58
  Ajahn Sucitto
Mind is not an entity but a network of perception, feeling, and inclinations that affect each other. By directing we can bring around the change of release
2011-05-04 Being With It 69:00
  Ajahn Jayanto
Bring kindness to our practice by remembering that we care - and that we practice in relationship to ourselves and others.
2011-05-05 Skillful Inclinations: Parami 64:25
  Ajahn Sucitto
Through sustained resolve in terms of meditation - a virtue skillful inclination can dissolve aspects of self-view.
2011-05-05 Summary Of Practice Instructions 19:39
  Ajahn Sucitto
2011-05-05 Death And Awakening 59:58
  Ayya Medhanandi Bhikkhuni
Contemplation of death as a support for waking up, limitation as a practice of letting go and virtue to help us cultivate fields of goodness, wisdom and compassion.
2011-05-07 Bring Daily Life Into Practice 58:46
  Ajahn Jayanto
Reflections on themes of the retreat in the context of its ending; ways we can use the teachings practically in our lives.
2011-05-07 Living The Pause 65:55
  Ajahn Sucitto
The path to the Deathless can be summarized as pausing when a reflex/reaction occurs. checking in with ones wholeness and waiting for a response.
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