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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

June 2011 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2011-06-01 (30 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2011-06-03 Letting Go 56:58
  Annie Nugent
In one way or another all of the Buddha's teachings point towards letting go... other words with the same meaning are: renunciation, abandoning, reliquishing or giving up... This talk is about the what, why, where and when of letting go..
2011-06-06 Reflections In Practice - Questioning Wisely 50:34
  Sky Dawson
Questions are used in teachings often - not always to find the answers, but to guide inquiry. This talk explores how the Buddha used questions and how we can use questions in our practice.
2011-06-10 Working with difficult states of mind 57:21
  Annie Nugent
The skillful means for working with these difficult states of mind(emotions) vary from person to person and even day to day, depending on what is appropriate NOW. This talk looks at ways to develop a gently intuitive attitude of mind to support letting be with what is, revealing the true nature of these emotions. Includes the support of Bodhicitta attitude.
2011-06-13 Equanimity - Finding Balance Of Mind 54:07
  Sky Dawson
This talk explores equanimity in life and in practice from different perspectives.
2011-06-20 The Heart Deliverance Of Loving Kindness 59:48
  Sky Dawson
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