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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Monastic Retreat

1999-04-17 (9 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

1999-04-17 Gates To The Deathless 67:57
  Ajahn Sumedho
realizing the potential of our true nature
1999-04-18 Food 1:12:22
  Ajahn Sumedho
surrendering resistance
1999-04-20 End Of The Storm 1:54:22
  Ajahn Sumedho
awakening from the ignorance of our conditioning.
1999-04-20 Gwendolyn: What Are You To Me? 54:45
  Ajahn Sumedho
contemplating the three kinds of desire: the cause of dukkha
1999-04-21 Here And Now 56:27
  Ajahn Sumedho
relaxing into the present moment
1999-04-21 Light At The End 55:52
  Ajahn Sumedho
"cessation is possible"
1999-04-22 Past And Future 51:34
  Ajahn Sumedho
embracing the timeless present
1999-04-23 The Fourth Noble Truth 62:40
  Ajahn Sumedho
learning to cultivate awareness and compassion
1999-04-23 The Way It Is 52:39
  Ajahn Sumedho
reflecting on our experience with awakened awareness
1999-04-24 Listen To Those Turkeys 47:09
  Ajahn Sumedho
integrating practice into ordinary situations
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