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Affection Compassion And Joy

2008-07-18 (9 days) Gaia House

2008-07-18 Opening Talk for Affection, Compassion and Joy Retreat 67:58
  John Peacock
2008-07-19 Searching for the Sweet Chilli 64:48
  John Peacock
Despite experience telling us otherwise, we still search for happiness in things that can never deliver it.
2008-07-20 Freedom From the Known 58:43
  John Peacock
How can we free ourselves from patterns of behaviour that are all too familiar but continue to cause us pain?
2008-07-21 I Am Not Who I Think I Am 1:10:12
  John Peacock
Who and what do we think we are? This talk examines the nature of thought and the process of 'self-ing'
2008-07-22 It's Lonely Being a Self 63:21
  John Peacock
Being a self is a very difficult and lonely process. In this talk the nature of the self is examined through reflections on the Buddhist doctrine of 'not-self' (anatta)
2008-07-23 The Pattern of Experience (Part 1) 1:12:27
  John Peacock
2008-07-24 The Pattern of Experience (Part 2) 65:46
  John Peacock
2008-07-25 Openness of Being 1:15:30
  John Peacock
2008-07-26 Courage to Be 59:01
  John Peacock
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