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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

March Monthlong Retereat

Second month of the annual two-month winter retreat at Spirit Rock
2011-03-06 (28 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2011-03-18 Turning Towards Suffering with Heartfulness 57:07
  Mark Coleman
How do we turn towards and open to the inevitable pain and suffering in life? This talk explores how to meet our difficulty with a kind loving presence and patience and in doing so create a freedom, peace and ease in our hearts.
2011-03-20 The Two Truths 50:48
  Trudy Goodman
Personal experience as a doorway to Big Mind and transforming suffering into awakening factors.
2011-03-21 Sweetness of Equanimity 57:04
  John Travis
This talk is about the importance and central place of equanimity, in the Buddhist path towards emptyness and awakening
2011-03-22 Impermanence of the Aggregates 51:27
  Lila Kate Wheeler
Deepening practice by discerning the aggregates and their impermanent nature.
2011-03-24 2nd Foundation of Mindfulness 55:19
  Marie Mannschatz
How to relate to feelings in the heart of silence
2011-03-25 Sweet Joy of the Way 48:30
  Mark Coleman
Joy is an essential factor of awakening and every step of the Buddhist path supports an opening to happiness, joy and peace -- all the way to Nibbana -- the greatest happiness.
2011-03-27 Dharma Has Touched These Bones 60:36
  John Travis
2011-03-28 Equanimity- Touching What Is Fragile 45:55
  Lila Kate Wheeler
Contact with fragility -- a sane way to live. Some Abhidhamma, some Brahmaviharas; a little of this, a little of that...
2011-03-29 Devotion 54:03
  Trudy Goodman
2011-03-30 Sacred Space and The Dharma 48:03
  Bonnie Duran
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