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Rhinebeck Sitting Group Insight Meditation Retreat with Jose Reissig

Insight meditation retreat at Holy Cross monastery
2011-04-08 (3 days) Holy Cross Monastery

2011-04-08 To Study The Self 38:54
  Jose Reissig
The fictional nature of our persona becomes evident when we are willing to examine the ways in which we fabricate it.
2011-04-09 To Forget the Self 34:28
  Jose Reissig
Having become aware of the fictional nature of our persona, we can look into whatever remains.
2011-04-10 To Forget Our Separations 39:15
  Jose Reissig
When nothing is "me" our separations vanish. We come to inhabit an open space. Last February, Cairo's Tahrir Square became emblematic of such a space.
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