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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

July Insight Meditation Retreat

The emphasis during this retreat will be on the continuity of awareness in all activities, which stabilizes and balances the mind. Relaxed acceptance of our moment-to-moment experience becomes the platform for investigation and wisdom. Particular attention will be paid to the attitudes in the mind that condition our understanding.
2011-07-22 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2011-07-22 Encouraging Counsel 47:41
  Steve Armstrong
"Do good. Avoid causing harm. Purify the mind." Six factors leading to good dhammas. Continuous mindful awareness leads to liberating insight and lasting piece.
2011-07-23 Inner Beauty 54:55
  Kamala Masters
The Two Guardians of the World. Respect for Oneself and respect for others is a source of protection within our hearts.
2011-07-24 Working with Difficult Emotions 63:29
  Guy Armstrong
By developing a more accepting attitude toward difficult emotions and by understanding their nature, we can come to a greater sense of freedom in life. This talk explores five strong emotions (desire, anger, fear, sadness and self-judgment) and how to work with them.
2011-07-26 Four Noble Truths: Essential Dhamma 58:58
  Steve Armstrong
2011-07-28 Unentangled Knowing 61:13
  Guy Armstrong
The talk explores how the sense of self is created through the links in dependent origination. When craving is absent, we can become aware of all our experience in a state of unentangled knowing.
2011-07-30 Developing a Dhamma Lifestyle with Paramis 56:41
  Steve Armstrong
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