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Towards a Secular Buddhism

What is distinctive about the Buddha's teaching that sets it apart from the mainstream Indian religious traditions of his day? Through exploring this question, we will try and recover the radical, non-mystical and empirical core of Siddhattha Gotama's vision. We will present the Buddha's teachings on "contingency," "mindfulness," "the four noble truths" and "self-reliance" as the foundation for our inquiry. By discarding metaphysical beliefs (e.g. in God, Absolute Truth, or Unconditioned Consciousness), we will envisage a thoroughly secular Buddhism, which is focused entirely on responding to the suffering of this world. While Pali texts from the early Buddhist scriptures will form the basis of our inquiry, we will interpret them in ways that illuminate their contemporary relevance.
2011-10-30 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2011-11-05 For Love of This World 61:16
  Stephen Batchelor
Some foundational texts for Secular Buddhism; the Buddha's parable of the city and its implications; creativity and aesthetics in the practice of the path; a democracy of the imagination.
2011-11-05 The Importance of Equanimity in Action 57:58
  Tempel Smith
From small to large actions, the presence of equanimity is important for clear seeing and compassionate responses.
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