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Liberation of Heart and Mind: Insight Meditation and Lovingkindness Retreat

2013-05-24 (14 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2013-06-02 Joy, Self-Hatred and Gratitude 62:06
  Michele McDonald
How joy, self-hatred and gratitude relate to the tenderness of existence itself.
2013-06-03 Understanding Karma 56:06
  Greg Scharf
An investigation into the workings of karma with an emphasis on a practical understanding of this teaching as a foundation for happiness and liberation.
2013-06-04 Morning Instructions and Reflection 45:38
  Greg Scharf
2013-06-04 Guided Equanimity Practice Instructions 46:05
  Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey
2013-06-05 Beware the Mindfulness Industrial Complex 61:00
  Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey
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