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February Insight Meditation - 1 Month Retreat

2013-02-03 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-02-12 Brahma Viharas - Forgivness 46:25
  James Baraz
Neutral Person
2013-02-12 Contentment with Pleasure and Pain 56:23
  Tempel Smith
The mental Factor of Vedana (pleasure, pain and neutrality) arises in every moment. Through the practice of Mindfulness we can separate our deep sense of contentment no matter the pleasure or pain aspect of experience.
2013-02-13 Morning Instructions, Day 10 24:29
  Tempel Smith
2013-02-13 Afternoon Brahma Vihara Practice 33:47
  Sally Clough Armstrong
The Difficult Person
2013-02-14 Morning Instructions Day 12 45:10
  Guy Armstrong
"Choiceless Attention"
2013-02-14 Quenching the unquenchable thirst 55:52
  Sally Clough Armstrong
The 2nd Noble Truth tells us that the cause for our suffering is craving - the desire that holds on to or pushes away experience. Letting go brings ease and freedom.
2013-02-15 Morning Instructions - Day 12 13:08
  Sally Clough Armstrong
2013-02-15 Afternoon Brahma Vihara Instructions - All Sentient Beings 41:46
  Tempel Smith
2013-02-15 The Dharma Dance 57:22
  Heather Martin
Balancing on the many fine lines of practicing skillfully
2013-02-16 Morning Instructions 7:30
  Heather Martin
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