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Essential Dharma: Core Buddhist Teachings, Part 3, 2013

Essential Dharma is a three-part 10 week course offering an in-depth understanding of core Buddhist teachings and meditation practices essential in the journey of awakening as taught within the Insight meditation tradition. This course is ideal for those relatively new to Buddhism who wish to gain both an overview of the Buddha's teaching and to develop experience in Buddhist practices and meditation. It is also beneficial for those students with some meditation experience who wish to refresh their knowledge of key Buddhist teachings. The primary emphasis will be on how we apply and live these teachings in our everyday lives while cultivating a present moment embodied awareness. In part 3, we will explore the Life of the Buddha, the Three Characteristics of Existence, the heart practices of Appreciative Joy (mudita), Equanimity (uppekha) and Generosity (dana), as well as Engaged Service.
2013-04-02 (176 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-05-14 Essential Dharma, Part 3, Week 7 A 57:57
  Mark Coleman
2013-05-14 Essential Dharma, Part 3, Week 7 B 45:35
  Mark Coleman
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