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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Aging as Spiritual Opportunity: A retreat for those 55 and older

2013-05-13 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-05-14 Not Knowing 53:56
  Eugene Cash
The skillfulness of not-knowing is part of practice and the contemplative experience. We are released from the limitations of the known with the inclusion of not-knowing. The skill and art of not-knowing becomes one of the doorways to awakening, realization and the continued maturation of our understanding. As the Zen monk/poet Ryokan said, "I do not know others. Others do not know me. Not knowing each other we naturally follow the way."
2013-05-15 Loving Ourselves As We Grow Older 59:04
  James Baraz
The importance of accepting and learning to love ourselves is important at any age. But it is particularly crucial as as we learn to adjust to a body and mind going through the aging process as well as a new self-identity about who we are.
2013-05-16 Recognizing the 3 Characteristics As We Age 51:39
  Anna Douglas
2013-05-17 Birth & Death 64:09
  Eugene Cash
Marana Sati, Mindfulness of life and death, is an inherent aspect of Buddhist teachings and practice. Both life and death are doorways to awakening.
2013-05-18 Equanimity with Things As They Are 63:13
  James Baraz
The quality of equanimity is a significant factor in coming to terms with impermanence and its manifestations: agin, illness and death. Learning to find balance with regard to the reality of change is explored
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