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Self Acceptance and Not-Self

2013-05-03 (4 days) Gaia House

2013-05-03 Opening Talk 57:24
  Catherine McGee
This talk also includes Mat Schencks
2013-05-04 Self Acceptance and Not-Self (Part 1) 57:16
  Catherine McGee
Accepting ourselves is the basis of transformation. Including the totality of our experience and bowing to it all.
2013-05-05 Self Acceptance and Not-Self (Part 2) 65:59
  Catherine McGee
Discovering the unfindability of a fixed self, we can relax into the totality of what we are and make room for life to move through us unhindered.
2013-05-06 Self Acceptance and Not-Self (Part 3) 1:18:22
  Catherine McGee
Tying the threads together. This talk also includes Mat Schencks.
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