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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
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A Soft and Radical Transformation of the Heart

2014-02-06 (4 days) True North Insight

2014-02-07 First morning instructions on metta and guided meditation 54:11
  Pascal Auclair
2014-02-07 Metta has Many Forms 58:31
  Pascal Auclair
2014-02-08 Morning instructions on metta and guided meditation 63:04
  Pascal Auclair
2014-02-08 Guided meditation, Metta for the difficult person 20:16
  Pascal Auclair
2014-02-08 Creating the Conditions for the Heart to Shine Forth 65:16
  Pascal Auclair
2014-02-09 Last morning instructions, metta retreat 53:19
  Pascal Auclair
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