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2007-01-01 (15707 days) Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley

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2009-04-21 Mind is the Core 47:36
  Bikkhu Bodhi
Mind (citta) as the Buddha’s focus of investigation. As both the cause of suffering and the means to its cessation The Buddha points to two states or tendencies of mind Akusala - unwholesome, unskillful Kusala - wholesome, skillful, beneficial Suffering follows the unwholesome mind, Happiness follows the wholesome mind like a shadow that never departs. Our task, step by step, is to train the mind and supplant the unwholesome state with the wholesome states Greed, hatred and Delusion are the root causes for the unwholesome mind. We must cultivate the factors that are the cause for the wholesome mind at three levels Coarse - Actions, bodily or verbal We use the five precepts to prevent unwholesome tendencies at this level Obsessive, compulsive patterns - Thoughts, emotions We use meditation, deep samadhi directed to an object, to see the arising of these tendencies and still the mind Underlying tendencies, attachments - the remaining defilements We use wisdom, insight, to investigate the body and mind and see their impermanence and stop the clinging to a false self to uproot these final tendencies. This is liberation.
2009-11-10 Meditation for Life 47:11
  Martine Batchelor
Meditation is not an idea of getting to a mystical state but of helping us to release. It is not an exotic practice but it is more like eating, brushing our teeth - it is a way to nourish ourselves and to open and finally to let go. It is a lifelong journey where we learn to let go and stop grasping as we become aware of our life in each moment, accept each moment as it is. Meditation can help us to be more in the world, by being here and now we can be skillful and respond to whatever happens in the present. We develop clarity, we see the changing nature of things. When we are engulfed by feelings we can step back and say ‘how long will this last?’ We do not have to feed the feelings, we just need to be with them and watch them as they change. We can bring creative awareness to everything that we do and use it to be fully where we are, to be in our relationships in our life.
2010-11-02 An Evening with Bhikkhu Bodhi 35:37
  Bikkhu Bodhi
2010-12-28 Darkness, Light, and Holiness 56:33
  Ayya Tathaaloka
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