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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Rhinebeck Sitting Group Insight Meditation Retreat

Insight meditation retreat with Jose Reissig
2014-05-30 (3 days) Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties

2014-05-30 Searching For Me 31:43
  Jose Reissig
We spend much effort trying to define who we are. At times we even use our DNA for that. This search brings only suffering. Let's drop it.
2014-05-31 Divesting Of Me 31:39
  Jose Reissig
This talk is a sequel of the previous one ("Searching For Me"). It invites us to forget our own press-releases, and to empty the screen of our mind.
2014-06-01 Seeing The World In Its Integrity 33:00
  Jose Reissig
We habitually see the world dislocated into fragments, ignoring that all its aspects are profoundly intertwined. Let's see it all of one piece. Let's join the world.
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