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Women In Meditation

2007-03-09 (9 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2007-03-07 Wisdom Of Disappointment 44:31
  Christina Feldman
Disappointment is one of the hearts most frequent visitors. It can be a doorway to despair and bitterness or acknowledged as being the starting point of every a journey of liberation
2007-03-09 Opening Talk Woman's Retreat 47:58
  Christina Feldman
A Background to this practice of Insight Meditation, Precepts, Beginning Instruction
2007-03-13 The Long Journey To A Bow 48:13
  Christina Feldman
This talk explores Mana or the conceit of self that manifests as superiority/inferiority or equality
2007-03-15 Intimacy, Acceptance, Release 45:40
  Christina Feldman
Intimacy is the heart of mindfulness. This talk explores the power of aversion and the freedom from aversion.
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