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Women in Meditation: Insight Meditation Retreat

In the classical context of silence and sustained meditation practice, women have gathered together on this annual retreat for more than 20 years, creating a powerful sense of community in which our capacity for deepening in wisdom and compassion is supported. There are daily talks, instructions, lovingkindness practice and meetings with the teachers. A session of yoga will also be offered each day. Over the decades, this course has played a seminal role in honoring the long tradition of women in the meditative life.
2008-03-01 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2008-03-02 Precious Human Life 43:03
  Christina Feldman
Our life is precious, holding within it the possibility on nurturing liberating wisdom. Reflections on death and impermanence bring a sense of urgency to our path
2008-03-04 Unpacking The Judgmental Mind 46:25
  Christina Feldman
The judgmental mind offers the opportunity for profound insight if it is investigated rather than avoided.
2008-03-06 Woman's Sacred Poetry 42:42
  Christina Feldman
Woman’s sacred poetry speaks of the longing for freedom discovered through love, nature, and interconnections.
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