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Mindfulness, Wise Speech and Nonviolent Communication

2008-09-05 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2008-09-06 Wise Speech And The Path Of Liberation 64:16
  Donald Rothberg
For this retreat on wise speech, mindfulness, and non-violent communication, we begin with examining the place of wise (or "right") speech in the Eightfold Path, and how it is linked to training and development in wisdom, ethics, and meditation. We then reflect on the importance for this path of speech, and the four ethical guidelines for speech given by the Buddha: (1) truthfulness, (2) helpfulness, (3) warmth/kindness, and (4) appropriateness.
2008-09-08 Listening And Speaking From The Heart 58:49
  Donald Rothberg
In cultivating wise speech, we train in many capacities. Among them is training to listen and speak with an open, loving heart. We explore the nature of the open heart and training in lovingkindness. We then examine what it means to listen, both generally and in speech, and what it means to speak from the heart, including reflection on some typical distortions of such speech.
2008-09-10 Practicing Wise Speech In Difficult Conditions 56:42
  Donald Rothberg
What resources and perspectives help us to practice wise speech when the conditions are difficult? We focus especially on developing a strong "container" (both internal and in the community), and on learning better to work with difficult thoughts and emotions, in the context of speech, giving a number of stories and examples.
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