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IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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2012-11-14 Hands Off the Controls 1:16:18
  Tara Brach
We are deeply conditioned to respond to impermanence and inevitable loss by trying to control our experience. Our egoic reactivity prevents us from responding wisely to our life, and living the moments fully. This talk looks at how we can let go of controlling, open to the groundlessness we run from, and reconnect with the deep intelligence and love that flows through our being.
2012-11-21 Gratitude & Generosity: Markings of Inner Freedom 1:28:48
  Tara Brach
Those who are genuinely happy, are also naturally grateful for life and generous in living. This Thanksgiving Eve talk explores key ways we block the arising of gratitude and generosity, and practices of mindful presence and direct cultivation that awaken these expressions of the liberated heart.
2012-12-05 A Forgiving Heart - Embracing our Inner Life 1:15:43
  Tara Brach
Self-aggression, whether it's low key blame or deep condemnation, prevents us from intimacy with others and discovering the truth and wholeness of our Being. This talk explores how we can release self-blame, and free ourselves to access our natural warmth and creativity in responding to our world.
2012-12-12 Forgiving Our Way to Freedom 1:11:13
  Tara Brach
Living with chronic blame or resentment is a trance that confines us to a limited fragment of what we are. This talk looks at the ways this trance is fueled and the process by which we release the armoring around our hearts.
2012-12-19 Turning Toward the Light 1:50:48
  Tara Brach
This solstice talk explores how, in the face of darkness - unconsciousness, ignorance, violence - we can call on the light that is within us. The two pathways are to courageously look directly into the places of suffering, and to include in our gaze, the intrinsic goodness in all beings, in life.
2013-01-02 Finding True Refuge 1:31:30
  Tara Brach
This talk explores the three classic gateways to peace and freedom and includes a living ritual that invites us to bring a conscious, sincere dedication to our awakening on the spiritual path.
2013-01-09 The Barriers to Loving Presence 1:15:18
  Tara Brach
You might reflect on someone important to you, and ask: "What is between me and loving fully?" Notice what happens. This talk explores the ways we create separations from others, and the power of inquiry and presence to awaken an unconditionally loving heart.
2013-01-16 Stepping Out of the Cave 1:15:58
  Tara Brach
If we are suffering it is because we are believing something that is not true. This talk explores the genesis of our core beliefs and the investigation, mindfulness and compassion that can release their grip.
2013-01-30 Remembering What Matters 1:25:28
  Tara Brach
Our conscious aspiration toward awakening is what energizes the spiritual path. This talk reviews the main characteristic of a vital aspiration, the conditioning that obscures our deepest intentions and offers guided reflections to connect us with what most matters.
2013-02-06 Embodying True Refuge - Serving and Savoring Life 1:31:18
  Tara Brach
This talk traces the story of the Buddha's awakening, and reflects on four key archetypal elements that are relevant for each of us as we come home to our true nature. There is a particular emphasis on how these elements enable us to encounter challenges in relationships and find our way to openhearted presence. Includes music honoring the launch of Tara's new book, True Refuge: vocal by La Sarmiento and Guru Ganesha with his Kirtan band.
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