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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2017-03-22 Meditation - Relaxing Back into Full Presence 23:36
  Tara Brach
This guided practice begins with a conscious breath that relaxes the body and mind, and then a body scan to awaken to the aliveness of the present moment. We then open into the natural awareness that includes the changing flow of sounds, feelings and sensations, and practice “relaxing back” when the mind gets lost in thought.
2017-03-22 Taking the “Exquisite Risk”: An Undefended Heart 50:36
  Tara Brach
Poet Mark Nepo uses the phrase “exquisite risk” to describe our willingness to be fully alive, open, available, living true to our heart. This talk explores the challenges and blessings of taking the exquisite risk, both in becoming more intimate with our inner life, and in engaging with others from full authenticity.
2017-03-29 Meditation: Loving Presence – (with a smile body scan) 20:10
  Tara Brach
This guided meditation helps cultivate the heartspace that can hold our life with tenderness and grace. We begin by using the image and felt sense of a smile in a body scan, and then open to the spacious presence that includes the changing moment to moment flow of experience. The meditation closes with a few minutes of offering loving blessings to our inner life, dear ones in need and all beings.
2017-03-29 Healing Addiction: De-conditioning the Hungry Ghosts 52:38
  Tara Brach
This talk examines the suffering that arises when due to unmet needs for love and safety, our desire becomes narrowed and fixated on substitute gratifications. We then explore how we can bring mindfulness and self-compassion to the habits of obsessing, over-consuming and hurting ourselves and others that keep us from true happiness, connectedness and peace.
2017-04-05 Meditation: Awakening through the Inner Body 24:23
  Tara Brach
When we attune to the inner body, we discover a field of energy and aliveness that is the portal to pure presence. This meditation guides our attention to the inner body, opens to the play of sound and invites us to rest in the awake awareness that includes and is the grounds of this living world.
2017-04-05 Soul Recognition: The Practice of Namaste 52:19
  Tara Brach
In our daily trance we experience ourselves and others through a filter of wants, fears, stories and beliefs. Drawing on an engaging story from the legends of King Arthur, this talk explores how we can see past this conditioning by learning to see – in ourselves and others – vulnerability, goodness and awareness itself. Sometimes called “soul recognition,” this seeing is the essence of “Namaste” – realizing and honoring the sacredness that shines through all beings.
2017-04-26 Meditation: The Center of Now 16:19
  Tara Brach
This meditation awakens our senses and then guides us to rest in the changing flow of experience. When the mind drifts, we are invited to relax back into full living presence, into that Beingness that is the center of now.
2017-04-26 Relaxing the Over-Controller – Part I 51:50
  Tara Brach
We all have conditioning to do what we can to protect and promote our wellbeing. Our suffering arises to the degree that our life and identity become organized around controlling our experience. These two talks look at the emergence of the fear based “over-controller,” and explore a wise way of witnessing the suffering that comes with over-controlling, and awareness practices that naturally relax and awaken us to our whole and natural Being.
2017-05-17 Radical Compassion – Part 2 53:50
  Tara Brach
Compassion is the medicine we most need as individuals and a species to heal suffering and free our spirits. The essence of compassion for ourselves and others – what I call Radical Compassion – has three key elements: it is an embodied experience (a felt sense of tenderness), it is inclusive all beings, and it naturally moves us to act from a caring heart. This two-part talk explores the alchemy of Radical Compassion and guides us in awakening this intrinsic expression of our evolutionary potential.
2017-05-24 Meditation: Opening to the River of Aliveness 17:22
  Tara Brach
This meditation guides us to awaken to sensation using the image of a smile and scanning through the body. We then open to sound and to the entire changing flow of experience. When we connect with the changing flow of sensations, feelings and sounds, we also discover the formless awareness that is our Source… and home. “This river of sensation ceaselessly vibrating… tingling… flowing… let it live through you.” “Completely relax with this ever changing dance of sound and sensation.”
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