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Vipassana: Awareness of the Nature of Life

Ruth Denison is a venerable dharma elder of the vipassana (insight meditation) tradition. In this retreat we will celebrate Ruth's 85th birthday by giving special attention to practicing awareness of anicca (impermanence). The style and teaching of this retreat is unique in the Spirit Rock schedule. Ruth's teaching style includes the offering of continuous meditation instruction.
2007-09-30 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2007-10-01 Guided Movement Meditation 63:04
  Ruth Denison
Cultivating skiils to live closely with this bodily process through sense experience. Practice in lying down, sitting, standing, and moving or walking.
2007-10-01 Vipassana Meditation The Science Of Mindfulness 60:07
  Ruth Denison
Instructional overview of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, focusing on intentional investigation, your attention with an allowing attitude. Vipassana, clear seeing, as outcome to this practice.
2007-10-02 Body Sweeping With Annica 65:01
  Ruth Denison
Teaching on Annica through a guided body sweep.
2007-10-03 Instructional Sit with Body Sweep 57:43
  Ruth Denison
A guided instructional sit, beginning with Metta meditation and expanding into the purposes of reflection. Instructions continuing the practice of attending, investigation with allowance and deep appreciation.
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