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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Cultivating Clear Seeing, Opening the Heart

2009-11-01 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2009-11-02 Mindfulness - What It Is and What Makes It Difficult 64:30
  Donald Rothberg
On this first evening of the retreat, we explore the nature of mindfulness in general and how we practice mindfulness of the body in particular. We then examine the five "difficult energies" (nivarana or "hindrances"), and how they make mindfulness difficult and how to practice when they are present.
2009-11-03 The Secret Beauty of Hearts: Transformations Through Metta 62:34
  Donald Rothberg
Transformation in practice, whether in mindfulness or metta practice, occurs through repetition, patience, understanding and faith, in a sometimes mysterious way. Using poems and stories, we explore the nature of lovingkindness (metta) and the kinds of transformation that occur as we practice.
2009-11-05 Wisdom 66:49
  Donald Rothberg
We examine how mindfulness is distinguished from, yet leads to wisdom. We explore wisdom especially through the life story of the Buddha, moving from comfort and and illusion to deep wisdom and compassion, and through his first teaching of the Four Noble Truths - the most basic expression of wisdom in the tradition.
2009-11-06 The Mature Heart - the Integration of the Four Brahmaviharas 1:12:48
  Donald Rothberg
Preceded by a short chant by Rebekkah La Dyne, our yoga teacher for the retreat, we explore two main modes of transformation - one going into suffering, one involving beautiful states. We then focus on the latter, as expressed in the practice of the Brahmaviharas, the cultivation of lovingkindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity - examining their near and far enemies, and how the four interpret each other in the mature heart.
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