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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Regular weekly talks given at the lower Spirit Rock meditation hall
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2012-02-29 Birth, Death and Vision for an Amazing Future in a technology world. 66:48
  Sylvia Boorstein
With special guests: Jack Kornfield, Johan Wikman and Susan Felix.
2012-03-05 The Perfume of Dharma 62:27
  Jack Kornfield
The beautiful ways the Dharma is being spread across the world.
2012-03-07 Loving One's Enemies II 57:21
  Donald Rothberg
We continue to focus on perspectives and practices to help us practice skillfully with those who seem difficult or "enemies." We give attention to further practices and some of the subtleties and complexities.
2012-03-09 Refuge in Recovery 47:22
  Kevin Griffin
2012-03-12 Maranasati 54:11
  Eugene Cash
Mindfulness of Life & Death
2012-03-14 Loving One's Enemies III 65:47
  Donald Rothberg
We bring in further practices and perspectives to help us work with "enemies" or "difficult persons" including various ethical, body, heart, and mind practices. We close by examining how we may sometimes project onto others our fragmented parts and thus use practice with enemies as opportunities to find greater wholeness.
2012-03-19 The Path of Joy 48:24
  Mark Coleman
How to awaken joy through mindfulness, awareness and inclining the mind to that which uplifts the heart...
2012-03-26 The Path of Joy, Part 2 54:16
  Mark Coleman
What is the quality of awareness that facilitates a joyful presence and attitude toward experience that allows us to know the peace beyond the changing conditions of life?
2012-03-28 Dharma East and West 57:31
  Tony Bernhard
Does the dharma depend on transcendental experience.
2012-04-02 The Beauty of Retreat 59:10
  Jack Kornfield
The unfolding of the inner life, body, heart and mind. The blessings of retreat.
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