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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Regular weekly talks given at the lower Spirit Rock meditation hall
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-11-11 Veterans Day Bodhisatva 65:00
  Jack Kornfield
2013-11-13 The Anatomy of Ignorance 5 - Practicing with Views 60:50
  Donald Rothberg
In the context of the transformation of ignorance, we look at views, beliefs and opinions - traditional teachings, how to use them skillfully, ways that we use them unskillfully and how to practice with views.
2013-11-20 Impermanence and Contingency 1:14:03
  Sylvia Boorstein
2013-11-27 Impromptu Interview with Korean Bhikkhuni 61:56
  Sylvia Boorstein
2013-12-04 Right View 60:27
  Tony Bernhard
A lecture on right view
2013-12-11 The Anatomy of Ignorance 6 - Spiritual Ignorance and Insight into the Three Characteristics 62:26
  Donald Rothberg
After a review of the theme of ignorance, we explore how we don't often see the deep nature of things - as impermanent, leading to suffering if grasped and empty of an independent self and how to practice to see deeply.
2013-12-16 Two ways to Free the Mind... 62:08
  Pascal Auclair
2013-12-23 New Years Blessings & Kind Intentions... 47:38
  Jack Kornfield
2013-12-30 Reflections on a Spin around the Sun... 63:44
  Wes Nisker
Thoughts, moments, meditations for a New Year,... or how time is always present...
2014-01-06 You Can't stop the Waves... 56:10
  Jack Kornfield
Finding compassion & balance amidst the wild & beautiful changes of Life...
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