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Dharma Talks
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2017-01-23 Buddhist Studies Course - Week 3 1:24:55
  Mark Nunberg
Week 3 discusses investigation as a factor of awakening.
Common Ground Meditation Center Buddhist Studies Course - Seven Factors of Awakening (2017)

2017-01-23 Beginning Meditation Instruction 66:09
  Tempel Smith
On the first morning of retreat we guide our bodies to be still and relaxed as a base for the mind to settle. We can use sounds, body sensations and the breath to gather our attention and start the training not to be lost in thought.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness of Body, Speech and Mind

2017-01-22 Intentional Action - Karma 58:48
  Mark Nunberg
Common Ground Meditation Center Weekly Dharma Series

2017-01-22 Talk 2: Noble Eightfold Path course - Right View and Right Thought/Intention 32:02
  Jill Shepherd
A re-cap of Right View, followed by an exploration of Right Thought in terms of the intention towards renunciation, the intention towards good-will or metta, and the intention towards non-cruelty or compassion
Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

2017-01-19 "Being a Sacred Warrior in These Tough Times" 49:13
  James Baraz
Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." As we enter a time of uncertainty and, many are experiencing a swirl of emotions from apprehension and fear to anger and ill. How can we use our dharma practice to acknowledge and transform our negative emotions into wise effective response coming from understanding and love?
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley IMCB Regular Talks

2017-01-18 Your Awake Heart Is Calling You 1:12:01
  Tara Brach
As individuals and societies, we are pulled by both the insecurity of our evolutionary past, and by our awake heart, our capacity for mindfulness and compassion. This talk explores the ways we can listen to and respond to the call of our awake heart, by training ourselves to open to vulnerability (our own and others) and widen the circles of compassion.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2017-01-18 Generosity 52:14
  Zohar Lavie
Sangha Seva Anandwan Power of Love

2017-01-18 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Buddhist Practice, and the Needs of Our Times 2: What Does A Life of Integrity Mean in Our Times? 65:06
  Donald Rothberg
We review the deep intention of both Buddhist practice and the life and work of Dr. King to bring wisdom, love, and skillful action to all parts and all moments of our lives. We then look at how this results in a life of integrity, of wholeness, in terms of the Noble Eightfold Path, on the one hand, and the extension of the "love ethic" to the social and political dimensions of life by Dr. King, on the other.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2017-01-16 Buddhist Studies Course - Seven Factors of Awakening - Week 2 (2017) 62:13
  Mark Nunberg
Common Ground Meditation Center Buddhist Studies Course - Seven Factors of Awakening (2017)
Attached Files:
  • The Basic Method of Meditation by Ajahn Brahmavamso (Link)
  • Contemplations on the Seven Factors of Awakening by Ajahn Thiradhammo (Link)

2017-01-15 Appreciative Joy (Mudita) - Week 2 - Talk 56:29
  Mark Nunberg
Common Ground Meditation Center Weekly Dharma Series

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