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Dharma Talks
2016-01-09 Suffusion with the Divine Abidings – Pali chanting 4:06
  Ajahn Sucitto

2016-01-09 Introduction talk, first night of the retreat 58:22
  Pascal Auclair
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Joy on the Path: Insight Meditation Retreat

2016-01-09 Q and A 44:55
  Ajahn Sucitto
Please give examples of how to cultivate right view within and outside meditation

2016-01-09 The Flowering of Compassion 63:18
  Mark Coleman
Compassion is a central quality in life and practice - and is a beautiful expression of an awakened life. This talk explores what compassion is and how it can be developed and integrated into mindful awareness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Essential Dharma Meditation Retreat

2016-01-09 Evening guided meditation on death 42:08
  Ajahn Sucitto
Using citta to cultivate citta with experience; using the imagination / the world of the citta to help steer the citta; using the Five Subjects of Frequent Recollection; taking it up at least at the end of each day; cleaning up at the end of the day

2016-01-09 Group D Interview 2 33:12
  Ajahn Sucitto
1. I feel I am more regularly experiencing good will and notice this this happens without my concentrating on the breath. The good will itself is like the object. How should I regard this?; 2. I also have been moving away from the breath and shift to other themes. How to deal with the barriers or obstacles? 3. I appreciate your teaching style with freedom to do walking and standing that has provided more space for me. In life I have been experimenting with being more “extroverted”. Can you speak to this? 4. I notice the benefits of the mudita in my meditation but I get a lot of energy and tension in the head and nose. 5. I feel I have some stability and peacefulness and I appreciate your idea about cultivating blamelessness. But I am concerned about how can I use this at home when things are more busy? 6. I feel that I have had some success with softening into the practice and this investigation of living “blamelessly and at ease” as you spoke of. Now I feel I am too quickly going back to planning for the end of the retreat. Can you offer some guidance on taking the practice forward? 7. I have appreciated this group of very mixed people and have felt the vitality. I am using the time to confront many old and difficult emotional challenges of feeling not good enough, not measuring up to my cultural conditioning and self doubt. 8. I have often felt very driven in my practice and in this retreat I have watched myself really reacting very strongly to other people’s noise and movement around me, sort of protecting my own space and internal space like a tiger. 9. I enjoy using recollections in my meditation. How can I use the retreat to help develop better a balance in life? What can I usefully work on to resolve in order to help myself when the retreat is over?

2016-01-09 Group C Interview 2 37:30
  Ajahn Sucitto
1. I seem to lack a real interest even though I was born into the Buddhist religion. I like my mundane happiness / Thai “sabai” sense very much. I feel I am a “half-Buddhist”, but still attracted to something better in spite of my wandering mind. 2. I’ve done a couple of retreats and can focus and watch things come and go but I feel rather tight and uncomfortable in all this. What can I do differently? 3. I get a lot of tension in my shoulder which seems to block my experience and attention; 4. I enjoyed your talk about the Noble Truth of grasping and saw clearly that this is what an “I am” would do. It seems there is a lot for me there to consider ; 5. I am enjoying the venue and the natural surroundings. It seems to aid the experience; 6. I see that things arise and pass and am aware of objects in the mind in meditation. I see my mind has many wandering thoughts and I let them all pass. Is this correct?; 7. Can you say more about how we can note / notice moods or states of mind please?; 8. What are some guidelines for investigating aspects of self, a topic that arose for me in reclining meditation; 9. I try and use my human suffering as my teacher but it gets overwhelming sometimes and I feel trapped as a human. What can I do?; 10. Can you explain about the appearance of lights during meditation? 11. How much attention should I give to nimitas if they appear?

2016-01-09 Day Four Instructional Sit 57:05
  Howard Cohn
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Essential Dharma Meditation Retreat

2016-01-09 Q and A 34:01
  Ajahn Sucitto
What’s the difference between sense consciousness and citta awareness? When making a decision, to what extent should we follow the mind or the heart?

2016-01-09 The Four Noble Truths 43:46
  Ajahn Sucitto
[sound quality poor due to removal of background noise. This talk is truncated by 7 minutes due to excessive noise.]

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