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Dharma Talks
2010-11-10 Releasing Karmic Patterns 1:20:15
  Tara Brach
We all have conditioned patterns of thinking and behaving that keep us identified as a separate, deficient self. This talk investigates the roots of this conditioning and ways that pausing and awakening mindfulness can free us to live from our inherent love and wisdom.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2010-11-11 Goodness and Joy : Uplifting the Heart 53:34
  Yanai Postelnik
Spiritual practice rests on a deep trust in the fundamental wholesomeness of our hearts seeking for happiness. We can learn to honour the goodness of our core motivation, even as we recognise our need to deepen the skill and wisdom with which we pursue genuine wellbeing. This includes recognising the importance of connecting with that which brings joy to our heart as part of our spiritual practice, and honouring our own wholsesome qualities and actions.
Gaia House November Solitary Retreat

2010-11-11 The Four Noble Truths 62:34
  Stephen Batchelor
Wellington Insight Meditation Community Secular Buddhism

2010-11-11 Intuitive Awareness Talk 1 57:20
  Mark Nunberg
Retreat Dharma Talk
Common Ground Meditation Center

2010-11-11 The Seven Factors Of Enlightenment 57:31
  Greg Scharf
An overview of the 7 Factors of Enlightenment - powerful, wholesome, helpful, mental factors which arise naturally in practice and directly incline the mind & heart toward liberation
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2010-11-11 Introduction to Emptiness Retreat 49:19
  Guy Armstrong
This talk was given on the opening night of the Emptiness Retreat. It introduces the theme of emptiness as a lack of unchanging essence or substance. This retreat encourages us to explore the possibility that things are not as they appear to be.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Emptiness: A Meditation and Study Retreat

2010-11-12 The Psychodynamics in Meditation (Part 1) 62:48
  Rob Burbea
Through the development of various skillful means, we can unlock the innately liberating dynamism at the heart of our emotional life, allowing deep healing, freedom, and the natural unfolding of our full potential.
Gaia House November Solitary Retreat

2010-11-12 Reflection: Faith 16:20
  Marcia Rose
Mountain Hermitage Self No Self and the Creative Process

2010-11-12 Guided Meditation 41:33
  Andrea Fella
Expanding Awareness
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2010-11-12 Guided Morning Instructions 42:55
  Gil Fronsdal
Mindfulness of what is happening and how we relate to it.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Emptiness: A Meditation and Study Retreat

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