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Dharma Talks
2011-10-22 Virya - courage, energy and trust 52:14
  Trudy Goodman
The effort or energy factor of enlightenment, practice in retreat.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Fall Insight Retreat

2011-10-23 Spark of Awakening 54:39
  Leela Sarti
All human endeavors take some effort, but what is a balanced effort and from what place of our being does it originate? We can train the mind to respond appropriately, to be balanced here and now, but it is never a fixed position. We know what being out of balance feels like. What supports the open ease and wholehearted capacity of inner balance? How can we step out of our own way, so the effort in practice becomes effortless?
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart

2011-10-23 The Path of Connectedness 34:09
  Jose Reissig
In the process of relating to others, we often barricade ourselves behind some form of collective identity; be it our family, clan, race, nationality, religion, whatever. To truly connect we need to drop this we-ego ("wego") and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to love unconditional.
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties :  The Rhinebeck Sitting Group Retreat

2011-10-23 Acceptance 47:11
  Melanie Waschke
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Fall Insight Retreat

2011-10-23 The Beauty of Generosity Infused with Compassion 61:14
  Steve Armstrong
Durango Dharma Center :  Universal Beauty and Well Being

2011-10-23 Right Motivation 58:21
  Annie Nugent
At first our practice is for ourselves alone...but as wisdom begins to unfold through reflection and practice, we come to understand that all beings are in the same predicament that we are - suffering and wanting to be happy. Thus we can do our practice for the benefit of all beings. This becomes the natural response to our suffering world.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2011-10-24 Engaging with the Practice 56:59
  Yanai Postelnik
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart

2011-10-24 Gratitude In Life 34:23
  Mark Coleman
What is your relationship to gratitude? How do you orient to the world? Noticing the blessings and knowing you have enough - or focusing on what is missing?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2011-10-24 Interest and Investigation 59:17
  Will Kabat-Zinn
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Fall Insight Retreat

2011-10-25 Awakening the Human Heart 41:11
  Leela Sarti
To truly embrace the intensity of our longing and sorrow, our hopes and fears, to be present and open as we are impacted by our past, and to live with inner ground and freedom in the midst of the joys and sorrows of the world, what is is needed is a great heart, but a also a human heart. Do we know the true capacity of our heart?
Gaia House Embodying the Awakened Heart

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