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Dharma Talks
2010-11-05 Practicing with the Hindrances 40:09
  Christina Feldman
The meditative journey involves understanding and dispelling the veils of mental states that cloud the radiance of the mind.
Gaia House November Solitary Retreat

2010-11-05 Gratification - Danger and Escape 56:04
  Rebecca Bradshaw
Relating to sense pleasures in a way that leads to freedom.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2010-11-05 Our Strategies Aren't Working: the Arising of Compassionate Heart 59:16
  Sharda Rogell
A simple and clear exposition on the Buddha's insights into releasing, grasping and suffering. This is the release that opens our heart to great compassion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Art of Embodied Presence

2010-11-05 How the Dharma Saved My Life 64:49
  Bob Stahl
How to work with self-loathing and doubt. How the Noble truths lead to freedom. How the Buddha guides us on the eight-fold steps on how to live our lives, train our minds and grow in wisdom. The Dhamma is most excellent in the beginning, middle, and end.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness of the Body

2010-11-06 The Mystery of Vedana: A Key to Liberation 69:19
  Rob Burbea
The contemplation of vedana, the Second Foundation of Mindfulness, provides a powerful tool to dismantle suffering; it can also reveal surprising and profoundly liberating truths about the nature of reality.
Gaia House November Solitary Retreat

2010-11-06 Concentration 68:02
  Marcia Rose
Mountain Hermitage Wise Concentration Weekend

2010-11-06 The Spiritual compost 48:04
  Winnie Nazarko
It is clear that spiritual practice is aimed towards the development of wholesome states. Yet our mind-streams have currents of greed, hatred and delusion - how can we use these very states to our own benefit?
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2010-11-06 Appreciating silence and solitude at the Forest Refuge 53:49
  Sky Dawson
This talk is given at the Forest Refuge encouraging an appreciation of the silence and solitude of the environment and the deep listening that can result when we open deeply in practice.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge November 2010 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2010-11-06 Relaxing the Fixated 'I' 52:52
  Sharda Rogell
Unless we understand how we cling to the conditions of our mind and body as "me", we will live within a narrow and confined view and miss the revelation of our true beingness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center The Art of Embodied Presence

2010-11-07 Seasons of the Heart: the Third Foundation of Mindfulness 49:49
  Yanai Postelnik
This talk reflects on ways of practicing skillfully with mind states and emotions. These sometimes challenging areas of experience are a gateway to deepening clarity and opening the heart, when met in the present moment with understanding, acceptance and kindness.
Gaia House November Solitary Retreat

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