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Dharma Talks
2013-09-08 Unilateral Virtue 22:39
  Rick Hanson
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-09-08 Buddhist Assertiveness is Not an Oxymoron, Pt 1 of 2 5:30
  Rick Hanson
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-09-08 Buddhist Assertiveness is No an Oxymoron, Pt 2 of 2 10:52
  Rick Hanson
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-09-10 There is a Body. There is Pain. 54:52
  Sky Dawson
The Dukkha of Physical Pain: What is pain - an introduction to ways to open to pain.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge September 2013 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2013-09-10 Five Preconditions for Insight: Wisdom (the fifth precondition) 36:03
  Shaila Catherine
The Buddha taught that there are five preconditions necessary for the development of meditation practice in seclusion—good friends, virtue and restraint, engaging in talk on the Dhamma, wise effort, wisdom. These preconditions, presented in the Meghiya Sutta, are developed progressively and support one another, with wisdom as the crowning jewel and chief. This talk explores the importance of wisdom for revealing the impermanent nature of all things. With the clarity of wisdom we discern the arising and passing of phenomena. This insight into impermanence undercuts habitual delusions that perpetuate blindly grasping and clinging transient things. Wisdom is important at all stages of the path. At the beginning of our practice, we need wisdom to discern the right direction, clarify our purpose and learn skillful methods; we need wisdom in the midst of the practice to make the many adjustments that sustain us on this path; and the path culminates in the wisdom that leads to release. With wisdom, we will see the changing nature of all things, and understand how we construct our perception of reality, discern the four noble truths of suffering, and recognize how we can realize the end of suffering.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley Tuesday Talks

2013-09-11 A World Designed to Sadden 58:36
  Sylvia Boorstein
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2013-09-11 Dharma Talk 1:16:56
  George Mumford
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

2013-09-11 Peace Work 1:22:36
  Tara Brach
The hope for inner and world peace lies in our evolutionary capacity to shift from Fight-Flight-Freeze reactivity to responding to aggravation with Attend-Befriend. This talk explores the three elements on this path of awakening that support us in this transformation: Remembering our true aspiration; taking full responsibility (for whatever arises in our experience) and widening the circles of our caring to include all beings.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2013-09-11 Opening Night - 3 Month Retreat 62:35
  Carol Wilson
Refuges and Precepts
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three Month - Part 1

2013-09-12 Wise Mindfulness 57:55
  Andrea Fella
The Buddha encouraged us to cultivate wise mindfulness, which is more than simply being aware. This talk explores some of the qualities that support wise mindfulness.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three Month - Part 1

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