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Dharma Talks
2012-03-21 Alchemy of Wise Effort in Spiritual Life 1:22:46
  Tara Brach
The ground of wise effort is our sincere intentionality toward presence, love and freedom. Yet our habit is to go into trance, and latch on to narrowed intentions of self-enhancement or defense. When this goes on for years, we feel disappointment in our lives, a sense of not being true to ourselves. Through guided reflections, we explore how--in spiritual practice and in relationships--we can connect with our deepest intention and live in a way that expresses our awakening heart and awareness.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2012-03-21 Two Sorts of Thinking 58:46
  Mark Nunberg
Dharma Talk
Common Ground Meditation Center

2012-03-21 The Three Characteristics 61:20
  Guy Armstrong
An exploration of the Buddha's teaching on the characteristics of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and not-self.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Insight Meditation Retreat for Scientists and Educators

2012-03-21 Awakening in Awareness 61:18
  Donald Rothberg
After an analysis of the roots of suffering based on the teachings of Dependent Arising, we explore two aspects of the path of awakening. The first aspect is about gradual awakening; the second is about immediate awakening in awareness, first momentary, then gradually stabilized.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation Retreat, March Month Long

2012-03-20 Right Mindfulness, Right Intention 55:48
  Martine Batchelor
Australian Insight Meditation Network (Sine Cera Retreat Center) An Introduction to Secular Buddhism

2012-03-20 Dukkha e la causa di Dukkha - Dukkha and its Cause 55:36
  Joseph Goldstein
Monastero di Camaldoli :  Insight and Wisdom

2012-03-20 You are a Buddha 41:01
  Howard Cohn
Mission Dharma

2012-03-20 The Paramitas as the Path 55:37
  Sylvia Boorstein
Cultivation of morality (in the ten permutations called Perfections (Paramitas) is presented as the path to rather than simply a preparation for meditation. Stories illustrate how the practice of each paramita leads to insight.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation Retreat, March Month Long

2012-03-20 Bringing the Practice Home 56:55
  Norman Feldman
How can the teachings be applied in daily life? The Eightfold Path provides an easily applied guide to bringing the dharma alive. This talk emphasizes the ethical application of the Path and how it impacts our lives in many ways.
Gaia House Insight Meditation and Qi Gong Retreat

2012-03-19 The Path of Joy 48:24
  Mark Coleman
How to awaken joy through mindfulness, awareness and inclining the mind to that which uplifts the heart...
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

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