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Dharma Talks in English
2010-12-22 Practicing with the Dark and the Light at the Winter Solstice: Talk and Ritual 55:39
  Donald Rothberg
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2010-12-21 Letting Go: Crossing the Creek 54:25
  Heather Sundberg
After recently returning from six months of study and practice in Asia, Heather shares a few stories from her trip, weaving the themes of the outer journey and the inner journey of retreat. Teachings and practice tips focus primarily on working with strong emotions, the five hindrances and the process of letting go.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Solstice Retreat

2010-12-21 Satipatthana Sutta, Second Foundation: Equanimity 52:20
  Rodney Smith
Equanimity does not empower feelings to drive thoughts. It holds a feeling as a feeling and does not extend the feeling into a narrative on why this feeling is important. It does not add anything to the moment, allowing the moment to bloom on its own.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
In collection The Satipatthana Sutta

2010-12-20 Winter Solstice 35:19
  Jack Kornfield
Finding the amazing joy of living, renewed in mystery...
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2010-12-20 The Unconditioned 29:29
  Ajahn Sumedho
01 of 43 from Luang Por Sumedho - CD: Talks from Thailand (2008-2014)

2010-12-20 Embracing the Dark, Inviting the Light. 58:34
  Donald Rothberg
At this time of Winter Solstice we explore a number of ways that our practice is to open to the dark (as nature's stillness and silence, as the unknown, as the difficult and as fertile and generative) and to evoke the light, learning better how to hold both.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Solstice Retreat

2010-12-19 Taking Refuge 20:36
  Mark Nunberg
Dharma Talk
Common Ground Meditation Center

2010-12-19 Simplicity and Transcendence 2:37:49
  Ajahn Yatiko
Excerpt from a Monastic Daylong at Spirit Rock that he co-taught with Ajahn Karunadhammo, also of Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery (
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2010-12-18 The Lighter Side Of Mindfulness 54:42
  Annie Nugent
Mindfulness: This talk looks at the lighter, playful side of mindfulness and the importance of the quality of clear knowing or comprehending that is always associated with mindfulness.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Meditating with a Light Heart: Insight Meditation Weekend

2010-12-18 Gradual Path and Trauma Tools 32:40
  Ajahn Thanasanti
Shakti Vihara

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