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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
2007-05-07 Satipatthana Sutta - part 29 - Factors Of Awakening: Energy 53:52
  Joseph Goldstein
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge
In collection Satipatthana Sutta Series

2007-05-05 The Garden Of The Heart 58:22
  Jack Kornfield
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Insight Meditation Retreat

2007-05-04 Intimacy, Acceptance, Release 45:54
  Christina Feldman

2007-05-03 AM Morning Reflections 50:31
  Ajahn Amaro
Morning reflections
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Monastic Retreat

2007-05-03 The Fleeting Impermanence Of Life 45:25
  Wes Nisker
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2007-05-03 Reflection On The Power Of Refuge 49:01
  Myoshin Kelley
This talk begins with reflecting on the qualities of the Buddha for inspiration. It also explores how taking refuge in both outer and inner world helps support the discovering of true refuge, wisdom.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge May 2007 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2007-05-02 The Mind and the Way: Karma and Rebirth 58:21
  Mark Nunberg
Dharma Talk
Common Ground Meditation Center

2007-05-02 AM Reflections - Settling Into The Now 31:37
  Ajahn Punnadhammo
Seeing the movement of the mind and lerning to settle into now
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Monastic Retreat

2007-05-02 A Long Journey To A Bow 52:10
  Christina Feldman

2007-05-02 Right Livelihood And Vocation 55:33
  Donald Rothberg
Right livelihood, one of the factors of the Eightfold Path, is primarily focused on the ethical qualities of our work. We explore this factor, as well as the related sense of vocation or calling – to have one’s life and work express one’s gifts while contributing and providing a path to universal Dharma.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

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