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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks
2010-10-16 Mindfulness of Body 57:42
  Catherine McGee
To know 'body as body' is the invitation of the first foundation of mindfulness. Coming to a wise relationship with our body which neither glorifies nor rejects our body we can begin to know body as a vehicle for profound wisdom.
Gaia House Stillness and Movement Insight Meditation and Qi Gong

2010-10-16 Meeting Mind States 50:19
  Ajahn Sucitto

2010-10-15 Metta - The Heart's Release 65:43
  Marcia Rose
This talk explores ways that Metta practice helps to release the contractions of the heart/mind and the tremendous fullness of energy which is constituted by confidence and strength and a clear straight forwardness that comes from a loving heart.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge October 2010 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2010-10-15 Metta practice and the Transformation of the Heart 45:37
  Donald Rothberg
An exploration of metta practice and how it works-to develop the capacity to lead with the heart, develop in concentration, purify our being and touch our deeper nature.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Cultivating Clear Seeing, Opening the Heart

2010-10-15 Morning Instructions / Istruzioni del mattino 67:24
  Kamala Masters
Monastero di Camaldoli :  Awareness with Wisdom - Pure and Simple

2010-10-15 Paramis: Householders' Practices of Second Noble Truth / Paramis: le Pratiche quotidiane della seconda Nobile Verità 58:52
  Steve Armstrong
Monastero di Camaldoli :  Awareness with Wisdom - Pure and Simple

2010-10-15 Thank Goodness for Impermanence 45:58
  Susan Moon
As I get older and the time I have left shrinks, I find the opportunity to enter deep time. We have infinite time in the present moment. It is this passing of time too, that makes creativity possible. Readings on time and memory from my book, This Is Getting Old.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Meditation and the Spirit of Creativity

2010-10-15 How to Hold a Snake 58:22
  Stephen Batchelor
Further reflections on the meaning of the term "secular"; the Buddha's comparison of his teaching to a snake; an enquiry into what is distinctive and original in the Buddha's teaching: the principle of conditioned arising, the process of the four noble truths, the practice of mindful awareness, the power of self reliance; reflections on citations from the Pali canon concerning the principle of conditioned arising.
Australian Insight Meditation Network Teachers' retreat at Springbrook, Queensland, Australia

2010-10-15 Opening Talk for Stillness and Movement - Insight Meditation and Qi Gong 1:10:01
  Catherine McGee
This talk also includes Brad Richecouer
Gaia House Stillness and Movement Insight Meditation and Qi Gong

2010-10-14 Courage and Compassion 63:43
  Carol Wilson
The natural flow of a retreat - of life - is expansion and contraction. We suffer when we identify with any aspect as being mine or me.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

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