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Dharma Talks
2003-01-03 Metta 39:21
  Ajahn Sucitto

2003-01-02 Generosity 51:07
  Adrianne Ross
How giving, relinquishing and receiving act to open the heart and are gateways to freedom.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2003-01-01 The Fires Of Passion 1:12:41
  Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Metta Forest Monastery

2003-01-01 Suffering And Its End 55:55
  Thanissaro Bhikkhu
RESPECT FOR SUFFERING The suffering that arises in the practice is a noble truth, something worthy of respect. You can’t just push it away. If you’re going to end suffering you have to give it space, understand it, and approach it systematically. INTERCONNECTEDNESS Interconnectedness is not always pretty. It means that our bad actions can have endless repercussions, and that our happiness is dependent on a very fragile web. But by becoming more skillful in our actions we can turn the principle of interconnectedness into a good thing: a path to a happiness that’s truly independent. BEING STILL The quieter you are, the more you see. Being quiet is a form of doing, and sometimes it’s the most skillful thing you can do: You learn perspective and sensitivity, and you position yourself in the best spot to recognize insight when it arises. THE WORLD IS SWEPT AWAY Instead of trying to find our happiness in a world of change, we take that changing world and turn it toward the changeless, look for that which is unchanging right here, right now. THE THREE CHARACTERISTICS The teaching on the Three Characteristics is meant to liberate the mind from unnecessary burdens. The normal mind shadows everything that happens, but as you bring the mind to every more subtle levels of stillness and ease, you can detect ever more subtle levels of inconstancy and stress, and so naturally let them go. FIVE TALKS ON ONE CASSETTE OR CD
Metta Forest Monastery

2003-01-01 Mind Collection 52:47
  Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Metta Forest Monastery

2002-12-31 I Wanna Be Kwan Yin 42:45
  Sharda Rogell
True practice is knowing that you are already a manifestation of compassion without trying. Knowing that, we let go of what is false and keep returning to our peaceful heart.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2002-12-29 Sensitivity Of The Heart 44:37
  Rodney Smith
The meditation journey is traveling the distance between the mind and the heart.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2002-12-23 The Sangha 46:01
  Rodney Smith
Sangha is an essential element in the unfolding of ones Path.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society

2002-12-22 Desire for Enlightenment 53:00
  Shaila Catherine
Desire is usually described as a hindrance to meditation, but to realize deathless liberation we must want to be free. A burning desire to awaken opens the heart and mind to a possibility of freedom otherwise not known. This talk examines the force of desire as both a form of craving that perpetuates suffering, and as a necessary and wholesome factor that supports the realization of nibbana (nirvana) and the end of suffering. We examine hindrances, pain, and obstacles from which we want to be free in order to realize unconditioned awakening. Working with desire has some risks, but it is a powerful force that encourages curiosity, investigation, and openness to possibility—the possibility of discovering a profound fearlessness, and enduring happiness, the possibility of enlightenment.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley Tuesday Talks

2002-12-08 Practice Here & There - Practice Everywhere 66:10
  Marcia Rose
Integrating practice into the whole of our life; this beautiful noble path of awakening as a great support and a great protection for our life as our practice.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

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