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Dharma Talks
2009-04-15 Part 1 - Intention and Spiritual Freedom 1:22:07
  Tara Brach
While we can't change the past, it is our intention in this present moment that determines the unfolding of happiness and freedom in our life. When unconscious, our intentions are often shaped by craving and aversion. These two talks explore how we can become mindful of intention, and realize the depth and purity of our innate aspiration toward awakening and freedom.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2009-04-15 Mudita, pt II 63:12
  Donald Rothberg
Mudita practice both opens us to joy and extends that joy beyond our usual boundaries, transforming our conditions that limit joy to a limited circle and focus on the negative. We explore some of the roots of this personal and social conditioning and end by identifying some of the qualities of mature joy.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2009-04-15 1st AM Qs & As, Working with Sleepiness, Noting the Sequence of Physical and Mental Objects. 10:25
  Steve Armstrong
Madonna Retreat Center :  Mindfulness and Equanimity

2009-04-15 Unholy Emptiness 47:07
  Stephen Batchelor
Gaia House The Zen Retreat

2009-04-15 Welcome to Part 2 51:47
  Marcia Rose
Mountain Hermitage Hermitage

2009-04-14 What Needs To Be Done: Wise Action and Karma 56:27
  Sharda Rogell
Our actions through speech and body have powerful consequences. We can choose whether they are wholesome or unwholesome. How can we strengthen the goodness while diminishing suffering.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center The Buddha’s Way to Happiness: Insight Meditation Retreat

2009-04-14 Ten Paramis: Renunciation (2) 54:44
  Rodney Smith
Renunciation is releasing what is not true and no longer needed.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society
In collection The Ten Paramis

2009-04-14 4th AM Qs and As: Dhamma bingeing/taking practice home,working with pain,"Not me, Not mine, Not who I am" 18:51
  Steve Armstrong
Madonna Retreat Center :  Mindfulness and Equanimity

2009-04-14 Where is the Middle Path in Life, in Practice, in the Mind 47:31
  Steve Armstrong
Madonna Retreat Center :  Mindfulness of Mind/Equanimity

2009-04-14 Creative Engagement 61:16
  Martine Batchelor
Gaia House The Zen Retreat

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