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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
2001-08-29 Paramis Series #7: Truthfulness 53:42
  Steve Armstrong
Speaking and acting with integrity supports social harmony, tranquillity of mind and awakening of wisdom.
Maui, Hi

2001-08-28 Guided Meditation: Nature Of Mind 35:33
  Steve Armstrong
A guided journey that explores Mind and encourages a tranquil and spacious mind.
Maui, Hi

2001-08-27 Paramis Series #4: Wisdom 64:03
  Steve Armstrong
The title says it all.
Maui, Hi

2001-08-26 Kamma 60:07
  Steve Armstrong
The law of Kamma is an articulation of what has been observed as the mind unfolds. It offers a lesson from the past and an opportunity for the future.
Maui, Hi

2001-08-20 Paramis Series #3: Renunciation 59:34
  Steve Armstrong
Abandonment, conservation, growing up, restraint and understanding help disentangle the mind from the source of suffering.
Maui, Hi

2001-08-17 You Are The Path: An Overview Of The Eightfold Path 54:37
  Eugene Cash
How do we live? How do we embody the teachings? This talk offers an explanation and overview of the Eightfold Path, as well as reflections on the path as the embodiment of the Dharma. To come into alignment with the Path is to come into alignment with our own nature.

2001-08-16 The Inner Journey 50:45
  Robert K. Hall
A poetic description of the landscape of subtle awareness.

2001-08-16 Jump Into Beingness 50:13
  Sharda Rogell
We journey together during the talk to awaken into trust of the universal now.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2001-08-13 Simplicity And Sympathy 47:58
  Jack Kornfield
The spirit of simplicity, presence and sympathy of heart can carry us through the most difficult and beautiful of times.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2001-08-12 The Invitation 50:07
  Sharda Rogell
This talk invites us to use what is difficult in our lives to enhance our practice. Compassion awakens within us through opening our hearts to the challenging and painful. Approaching obstacles with a receptive attitude, we can enter into life with more courage and strength, and a deeper sense of connection

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