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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
2006-12-16 Paradigms of Awakening 69:30
  Ajahn Sucitto
Gaia House Monastic Retreat

2006-12-15 Opening Talk for Monastic Retreat - Cultivation and Meditation 55:58
  Ajahn Sucitto
Gaia House Monastic Retreat

2006-12-15 Kamma And The End Of Kamma 35:31
  Ajahn Sucitto
Cittaviveka Kamma and the End of Kamma

2006-12-11 Investigating Anatta: Personality View 60:45
  Carol Wilson
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

2006-12-10 The Path of Transcendence 1:13:45
  Ajahn Punnadhammo
Dharma Talk
Common Ground Meditation Center

2006-12-10 Guided Meditation - Body Sensations 31:25
  Ajahn Sucitto

2006-12-09 The Ending of Doubt 62:31
  Ajahn Sucitto

2006-12-08 Living Truth 55:43
  Eugene Cash
"We are what we seek." This dharma (often translated as 'truth') is revealed by living a life rooted in the Truth. The teachings value the 'Truth' as a basis for mindfulness and virtue as well as the means to traverse the 4 Noble Truths and the 2 Truths of Relative and Ultimate reality.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2006-12-08 Allowing Things to be as They Are 41:00
  Brad Richecoeur
Gaia House Embodying the Dharma - Insight Meditation and Qi Gong

2006-12-07 What Kind Of Effort? 58:49
  Anna Douglas
Different stages of our practice require different kinds of effort. The paradox of effort is revealed.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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