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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
1991-04-11 Spiritual Vision 39:36
  Christina Feldman
exploring the visionary roots of radical transformation
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1991-03-09 Guided Meditation: Seeing Into Impermanence 42:01
  Larry Rosenberg
SEEING INTO IMPERMANENCE-experience being yourself as you sink into the texture of your own breath

1991-03-09 Playing With Form 54:45
  Larry Rosenberg

1991-03-07 Contemplation Isn't Analytical 1:16:57
  Achaan Sumedho
recognizing the power of reflective thought
Abhayagiri Monastery

1991-03-06 Guided Meditation: Breathing Sensations Throughout The Body 44:55
  Larry Rosenberg
BREATHING SENSATIONS THROUGHOUT THE BODY-an opportunity to experience relaxing into the breath, completely and in full awareness with the expert guidance of an experienced teacher

1991-03-05 Why Conscious Breathing II 39:58
  Larry Rosenberg

1991-03-02 Sitting And Walking Meditation Instructions 38:46
  Larry Rosenberg
creating a fluid, gentle experience by weaving together instructions for meditating within the actual experience of a guided meditation

1991-03-02 Why Conscious Breathing I 53:46
  Larry Rosenberg

1991-02-18 Mahavedalla Sutta, Questions and Answers, M.N., 43 Deliverance of Mind: 1) neutral feelings, 2) signless, 3) measureless, 4) nothingness, 5) voidness Loving-Kindness Meditation (Measureless) (New Style) 1:21:39
  Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Buddha Dhamma Hermitage, Bundanoon, Australia) :  Retreat @ Bundanoon

1991-02-18 Measureless 12:36
  Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Buddha Dhamma Hermitage, Bundanoon, Australia)
In collection Loving Kindness Anthology (New Style)

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