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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks
2007-07-14 Freeing The Heart And Mind From Hindrances 50:42
  Fred Von Allmen
How to skilfully work with the five hindrances
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Path of Liberation

2007-07-14 The Benefits Of Metta 53:55
  Guy Armstrong
This talk explains how the practice of loving-kindness works to bring five benefits: a tender heart, the purification of heart and mind, concentration, connection to life, and happiness.

2007-07-14 Go Forth into the World 60:40
  Stephen Batchelor
Having entered the stream of the eightfold path, one becomes 'independent of the views of others'. This autonomy is the ground for a new way of being with oneself and the world. It deepens insight and expands empathy, leading to compassion and social engagement.
Gaia House Awareness, Questioning, and the Path of Compassion

2007-07-14 The Development of Wisdom 1:45:22
  Sayadaw Vivekananda
Mountain Hermitage Vivekananda

2007-07-13 Awakening, Love and Compassion 64:54
  Martine Batchelor
Looking at the symbols of awakening representing selflessness, showing the importance of love in our spiritual lives, and exploring compassionate activities.
Gaia House Awareness, Questioning, and the Path of Compassion

2007-07-13 Satipatthana 3: Mindfulness of Mind States 2:00:52
  Sayadaw Vivekananda
Mountain Hermitage Vivekananda

2007-07-12 Reflections On Power 55:31
  James Baraz
This is a reflection stemming from the "Money, Sex, & Power" issue of the Inquiring Mind.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2007-07-12 Mindfulness Of Mind 56:42
  Myoshin Kelley
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge July 2007 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2007-07-12 Rembrandt's Eyes 64:12
  Stephen Batchelor
Rather than four propositions to believe, the four enobling truths are to be seen as injunctions on which to act: Fully know suffering, Let go of craving, Experience cessation, and Creatre a path. Awakening is not, therefore, a 'state', but an ongoing process.
Gaia House Awareness, Questioning, and the Path of Compassion

2007-07-12 Satipatthana 2: Mindfulness of Feeling Tone 1:20:32
  Sayadaw Vivekananda
Mountain Hermitage Vivekananda

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