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Dharma Talks
1999-03-15 Faith and Awareness 55:59
  Guy Armstrong
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

1999-03-14 The Liberating News Of Impermanence 53:43
  Sylvia Boorstein
Everything arises and passes away, like the breath. How to not be frightened by this or experience "existential angst" from inevitable loss in connection is often what brings us into practice. Liberation is in the heart that is wide enough to hold joy as well as the greatest pain of loss. In managing inevitable loss, we become kinder, softer, gentler and much more careful. To liberate "fixed point of view," we stay awake and attentive, always open for new insights to our stories about ourselves and others. Views change, bodies change, relationships change, but what does not change is the capacity of the heart to respond with compassion and lovingkindness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

1999-03-13 Practicing Dhamma In Daily Life 61:52
  Ajahn Punnadhammo
morality, mental training and wisdom are the keys to a happy life
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-03-13 Release Through Self 40:58
  Ajahn Sucitto
release occurs through tuning up the self and letting Kamma be felt in awareness.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-03-12 The Comparring Mired 57:21
  James Baraz

1999-03-12 Attachment 1:12:12
  Ajahn Sucitto
attachment (clinging or feeling) even to Dhamma, is suffering and is the binding factor of self.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-03-11 Practical People make a Peaceful World 57:19
  Howard Cohn
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

1999-03-11 Samadhi Is Pure Enjoyment 50:07
  Ajahn Sucitto
Samadhi, a Pali word, means meditative absorption or a state of concentration. This talk is an exploration of samadhi as the art of refined enjoyment. Approaching our meditation with receptivity, we carefully collect our attention for the full enjoyment of the present moment. This kind of attention is enjoyable and light, balanced and at ease.

1999-03-11 Anapanasati: Release Of The Mind 47:19
  Ajahn Sucitto
through the contemplative process, awareness is progressively released from unwholesome to wholesome karma
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-03-10 Compassion 59:00
  Jack Kornfield

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