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Dharma Talks
2014-10-09 "A Moment of Freedom: Interrupting Negative Thoughts." 58:56
  James Baraz
Even though we know that jumping on a particular thought train might lead to trouble in the mind, we can still hop on. How can we wake up and more consciously choose before taking the leap?
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley IMCB Regular Talks

2014-10-08 Part 2: Unconditional Love 64:14
  Tara Brach
These two talks explore key elements in manifesting our innate capacity for unconditional love. Both talks include teachings and meditative strategies for recognizing our blocks to loving, and, through courageous, embodied presence, discovering who we are when not confined by the limiting beliefs and feelings of an egoic self. The first focuses on accepting and embracing our inner life, and the second, on the awakening of a loving presence that includes the whole of this living world.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2014-10-08 The Buddha's Journey 56:36
  Joseph Goldstein
How the Buddha's Life journey relates to our own.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three Month - Part 1

2014-10-08 The Four Noble Truths of Responding to Climate Change 66:01
  Donald Rothberg
Continuing our exploration of ethical practice during earth care week. We examine, through the frame work of the Four Noble Truths, the question of the nature of climate change and how to respond as individuals, as communities, nationally and internationally.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
Attached Files:
  • Climate Sangha Committments rev 1 by Donald Rothberg (docx)
  • Resources on Dharma and Climate Change 2014 Draft 7 by Donald Rothberg (doc)

2014-10-07 Closing Night Guided Meditation 32:26
  Larry Yang
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Fall Insight Meditation Retreat

2014-10-07 Emotions: A Dynamic Response 52:19
  Shaila Catherine
This talk was given as a part of the series "Enhancing Mindfulness Skills: A Seven-Week Series Dedicated to Cultivating Transformative Insight." What we conventionally call "emotions" are classified simply as "mental states" in Buddhist psychology. There are wholesome mental states, such as joy, empathy, love, benevolence, gratitude, and compassion. There are also unwholesome mental states, such as greed, envy, covetousness, fear, and anger. This talk focused on unwholesome mental states that are linked to greed, anger, and delusion. In our meditation practices or in our daily lives we may encounter intense, unwholesome mental states. We may be unwilling or be afraid to feel them. However, the healing, wisdom, and understanding will not come through denial and judgment which can separate us from our own emotions. Rather, wisdom will develop out of a deep acceptance and full understanding of the patterns that affect our lives. A calm examination of difficult mental states offers us a rich arena for understanding the nature of mind.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley

2014-10-07 Guided Metta Meditation 48:27
  Joseph Goldstein
Working with Neutral Person
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three Month - Part 1

2014-10-07 Morning Guided Instructions: The Four Noble Truths 36:14
  Nikki Mirghafori
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Fall Insight Meditation Retreat

2014-10-06 The Four Things I Know to be True: Practical Four Noble Truths 56:17
  Nikki Mirghafori
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Fall Insight Meditation Retreat

2014-10-06 Investigating Mindfulness itself 59:44
  Andrea Fella
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three Month - Part 1

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