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Dharma Talks
2018-05-11 Five topics for frequent recollection. 45:31
  Caroline Jones
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge May 2018 at IMS- Forest Refuge

2018-05-11 Shaping our world through the way of looking 61:57
  Yuka Nakamura
The talk discusses the role of perception in creating and shaping our experience and the problems that arise due to our lack of awareness regarding the fabricated nature of awareness and the distortions of perception. It presents a way of practice that involves playing and experimenting with different skilful ways of looking. 1. Seeing in terms of the three characteristics, 2. Seeing through the lenses of goodwill and friendliness, 3. Imaginal, creative and symbolic ways of looking.
Meditationszentrum Beatenberg Four Day Insight Meditation Retreat

2018-05-11 Day 6 Morning Instructions: Aspirations for living from the perspective of our deathbed. (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 45:02
  Nikki Mirghafori
In this morning's guided meditation, first we settle in with the body, appreciating the intimacy and the impersonality of experience, holding both experiences equally valid. Then, we look at our lives from the vantage point of our deathbed (far in the future, only for the purpose of this thought exercise) and reflect on aspirations that arise for living our life in this precious human birth, however long we have left.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Contemplating Death/Awakening to Life (Maranasati Retreat)

2018-05-10 Maranasati: "If my life is for rent...nothing I have is truly mine." (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 59:25
  Nikki Mirghafori
Three fruits of maranasati practice are discussed: 1) preparing for our moment of death with fearlessness and peace. Topics of Near Death Experiences (NDE) and rebirth are presented with a don't know mind. 2) Living THIS limited, precious life fully, with gratitude, forgiveness, generosity and letting go. 3) Awakening, liberation, nibbana -- Maranasati is a practice towards liberation, arising insights into the three marks of existence (anicca, dukkha, anatta).
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Contemplating Death/Awakening to Life (Maranasati Retreat)

2018-05-10 "Clear Comprehension Part 2" 59:30
  James Baraz
In the Satipatthana Sutta (MN#10), the Buddha's discourse on mindfulness, the Buddha instructs us to contemplate mindfully, ardent and clearly comprehending each of the four foundations. "Clear comprehension" also translated as "clearly knowing" includes four areas of context for our mindfulness practice. In Part 1 we explored the first two elements of Clear Comprehension: "Clear Comprehension of Purpose" and "Clear Comprehension of Suitability of Action". In this talk we discuss the second two aspects: "Clear Comprehension in the Domain of Meditation" and "Clear Comprehension of Reality". With metta, James
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley IMCB Regular Talks

2018-05-09 Story of Anathapindika: Death and Letting go (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 51:42
  Eugene Cash
Anathapindika was one of the foremost householder followers of the Buddha. As he is dying Sariputta and Ananda go to comfort him. Seeing his imminent death they offer teachings never before given to householders. He receives the radical teachings of not clinging, letting go of all experience and waking up.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Contemplating Death/Awakening to Life (Maranasati Retreat)

2018-05-09 Investigating How The Deluded Mind Works 58:30
  Carol Wilson
Perception and feeling tone.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Natural Awareness Wisdom: Insight Meditation Retreat

2018-05-09 Meditation: Intimacy with Life 21:15
  Tara Brach
This guided meditation begins with a body scan, bringing the friendliness of a smile into the body, and waking up our awareness of aliveness. We widen the attention to include sound and then sense and rest in the awareness that holds all experience. Our reminders are to wake up from trance by reopening to our senses, allowing for a true intimacy with the life that lives through us.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2018-05-09 Eating Addiction: How Meditation Helps Free Us 54:01
  Tara Brach
Buddhist psychology views clinging as the source of suffering, and one of the great domains of clinging is compulsive overeating. For most of us the causes and conditions for compulsive overeating existed before we were born, during our early childhood, and in our surrounding society. We begin to release shame and self-aversion by realizing we are not alone in this suffering; and eating addiction is not “our fault.” The talk includes an exploration of how, through RAIN, we can bring mindfulness and self-compassion to compulsive eating, giving us more choice in our behavior. Ultimately we discover that this deep prison of suffering can become a portal to realizing the freedom our true nature.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2018-05-09 The Ways We Cling, Montreal 64:00
  Pascal Auclair
True North Insight TNI Regular Talks

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