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Dharma Talks
2017-07-23 Secular Ethics 57:12
  Stephen Batchelor
Reflections on the nature of ethics, towards a Buddhist ethics of care rather than justice.
Gaia House Secular Buddhist Meditation Retreat

2017-07-23 Kindness as a Wise View 2:46:16
  Mark Nunberg
For the Five Subjects for Frequent Recollection Chant please see page 26 of Common Ground Meditation Center Chant Book.
Common Ground Meditation Center
Attached Files:
  • Common Ground Meditation Center Chants (PDF)

2017-07-23 Taste of Nibbana 25:51
  Ayya Santacitta
Against the Stream

2017-07-23 Introduction to Meditation Practice 25:08
  Martine Batchelor
Gaia House Secular Buddhist Meditation Retreat

2017-07-23 Cultivating a Compassionate Heart during Troubling Times 27:32
  Sharda Rogell
Dharma Talk on Compassion
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2017-07-23 Seven Factors Of Awakening - Guided Meditation 61:46
  Bonnie Duran
Guidance with the enlivening and calming factors
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center 15th Anniversary People of Color Retreat

2017-07-22 Stories and Poems from the Therigatha (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:57
  Greg Scharf
This talk looks at the lives and practice of the first Buddhist nuns through the verses in the Therigatha.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center July Insight Meditation Retreat

2017-07-22 Workshop: The Happiness of Forgiveness - Living the Practice 3:21:31
The practice of forgiveness releases an authentic happiness. So why do we ignore or resist it? In this workshop we will acknowledge our stories of resentments and disappointments and how they often imprison us. Forgiveness is not imaginary or hopeful, it is a deepening understanding and acceptance of what is already true. The goal of this workshop is to recognize the limitations of ill will as a strategy for life, and to appreciate letting go as the expression of deep wisdom and compassion.
Common Ground Meditation Center

2017-07-22 Concentration Meditation & the Jhana's 6:15:06
  Stephen Snyder
Taught by Stephen Snyder, this daylong returns our awareness to one object of meditation, thereby collecting and unifying the mind stream.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2017-07-22 Guided Metta Practice - Benefactor 59:08
  Bonnie Duran
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center 15th Anniversary People of Color Retreat

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