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Larry Rosenberg's Dharma Talks
Larry Rosenberg
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The method I use most in teaching is anapanasati or mindfulness with breathing. Breath awareness supports us while we investigate the entire mind-body process. It helps calm the mind and gives us a graceful entry into a state of choiceless awareness--a place without agendas, where we are not for or against whatever turns up in the moment.
1988-03-19 Reflections On Calmness 62:13
1988-03-21 Reflection On Samadhi 57:40
1988-03-23 Samadhi In Action 61:45
1988-03-24 Balancing Samadhi: Wisdom +/Or Surrendering To Wisdom 58:55
1988-06-18 Continuation Of Samadhi 50:22
1988-06-19 Final Talk On Samadhi 50:10
1988-07-12 Samadhi: A Guardian Of The Heart - part I 47:28
gathering up all the cascading energies of the mind and unifying them around the breath
1988-07-14 Samadhi: A Guardian Of The Heart - part II 58:37
bringing our attention to a point of such intensity that we free ourselves from being under the control of the world
1988-07-16 Questions And Answers 1:42:57
1989-02-25 The Dog Runs After The Bone: Beginnning Samadhi Practice I 48:12
BEGINNING SAMADHI PRACTICE I - learning to become undivided

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