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Phillip Moffitt's Dharma Talks
Phillip Moffitt
Phillip Moffitt is co-guiding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and the founder of the Life Balance Institute. He teaches vipassana (insight) meditation and is the author of two books: "Dancing with Life," which explores the Four Noble Truths, and "Emotional Chaos to Clarity." More information can be found at:
2011-04-26 Exploring the Three Dimensions of Concentration 58:25
Concentration can be explored as a function of mind, as an essential and distinct part of the path of liberation and as a "felt experience" in this very moment. Each exploration deepens understanding and empowers concentration.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Concentration
2011-04-01 Dancing with Life 1:16:48
Guest Dharma Talk
Common Ground Meditation Center
2011-04-01 Connecting with the Earth 27:26
Guided Meditation
Common Ground Meditation Center
2011-03-28 How to Fully Receive Experience 65:50
Fully receiving experience is a key component in mindfulness that leads to insite.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2011-01-29 Finding Ease with Emotions 62:46
The 3rd foundation can be utilized to gain insight into how to work with strong emotions. So often there is confusion between emotions and our relationship to them.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training #1
2010-10-24 Patience and Determination Make Change Possible 64:30
Patience and Persistence (Determination) are the paramis that can bring change to our practices and to our lives. They are the perfect twins-they support and empower one another. Each is to be developed separately but needs the other for fruition. Together they create possibility unto-fore unimagined.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Fall Insight Meditation Retreat
2010-08-21 Jhana States: From Movement to Stillness 64:46
Jhana means non-distraction achieved by the removal of distractions from the mind. As the distraction of mind are removed, the mind state moves from coarseness to more fine states into stillness and equanimity.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Concentration Retreat
2010-06-04 Embodied Mindfulness as a Path to Liberation 65:15
The vital difference between mindfulness and right mindfulness. What does it mean to have direct experience of the body? Simple practices to develop the "felt sense" of the body.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Awakening in the Body: Meditation with Qigong
2009-04-26 Rising and Falling of Sensation 41:24
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness Training for Yoga Teachers #3
2009-04-23 Choosing to Walk the Path of Wisdom 58:12
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness Training for Yoga Teachers #3

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