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Richard Shankman's Dharma Talks
Richard Shankman
Richard Shankman has been a meditator since 1970, and teaches at Dharma centers and groups internationally. He is guiding teacher of the Metta Dharma Foundation, and cofounder of the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies and of Mindful Schools. He practices and teaches meditation that integrates compassion, mindfulness, concentration and insight as one path of practice. Richard is the author of The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation and The Experience of Samadhi.
2010-01-31 Mindfulness of the Body as the Doorway Into The Four Foundations of Mindfulness 52:49
Description: This talk begins with an explanation of the goal of Buddhist practice, liberation through non-clinging. Then it discusses that insight is what leads to liberation and the four foundations of mindfulness is the practice leading to insight. We discuss how the first foundation of mindfulness, mindfulness of the body, is a doorway opening to and integrating with the entire four foundations of mindfulness.
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