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Stephen Batchelor's Dharma Talks
Stephen Batchelor
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2010-07-12 The Elephant, the Arrow and the Raft 53:49
Gaia House Meditation and Study Retreat
2010-07-11 Introduction to Secular Buddhism 64:04
Gaia House Meditation and Study Retreat
2010-07-10 Opening Talk for Meditation and Study Retreat 65:19
This talk also includes Martine Batchelor
Gaia House Meditation and Study Retreat
2010-04-07 A True Person of No Status 53:15
Gaia House The Zen Retreat
2010-04-05 The Four Great Vows 56:25
Gaia House The Zen Retreat
2010-04-03 Ten Thousand Things 56:01
Gaia House The Zen Retreat
2010-03-22 Confession of a Buddhist Atheist 64:31
Talk on the journey of exploring Buddhist doctrine and principles... the questioning there of...
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2010-03-06 Deconstructing Buddhism 65:15
Based on an examination of early discourses found in the Buddhist Pali Canon, we explore the question: "What did the Buddha teach that was distinctively and originally his own?" By differentiating the Buddha's Dhamma from the ideas of Indian religion and metaphysics that prevailed at his time we seek to uncover a clearer sense of the Buddha's message and then consider what relevance it still has for people living in the modern world.
New York Insight Meditation Center New York Insight 2010 Talks
2010-03-04 Confession of Buddhist Atheist (Book launch, hosted by Tricycle Magazine and New York Insight) 1:20:01
Stephen’s new book, "Confession of a Buddhist Atheist", tells the story of his thirty-seven-year quest to understand the meaning of Buddhism. It recounts his life as a monk in India and Korea and concludes with his search to discover the historical Buddha. Stephen talks about the writing of the book and reads selected passages.
New York Insight Meditation Center New York Insight 2010 Talks
2009-11-07 Entering the Stream 59:49
A reflection on the meaning of "stream entry" (sotapatti), based upon Pali canonical sources. The "stream" refers to the eightfold path and the "stream entrant" is one who has made that path their own. The talk explores the meaning of the three fetters that are "abandoned" on entering the stream as well as how stream entry is related to the three refuges.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Meditation and Study Retreat

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