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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Sylvia Boorstein's Dharma Talks
Sylvia Boorstein
My greatest joy is giving the gift of love and hope through the dharma, knowing it is possible for humans to transform their hearts. These dharma gifts include paying attention, practicing clarity and kindness and addressing the suffering of the world--which, of course, includes ourselves.
1998-02-01 Day For Couples 2:22:12
Sylvia Boorstein, a practicing psychotherapist who works with couples brings her skill to the daylong workshop where she uses the template of the Eightfold Path to bring the wisdom of the Dharma to the challenge of living in an intimate relationship.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Day For Couples #1 46:51
Tape One, CD of #1 tape in two parts:1 of 2
Day For Couples #2 48:00
Tape Two, CD of #1 tape in two parts:2 of 2
Day For Couples #3 47:05
Tape Three, CD of #2 tape in two parts:1 of 2

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